This page is a listing ( in no particular order ) of favorites that we have discovered during our cruises.  Maybe some of these will become your favorites, also.

Cruise Agent: I have booked the majority of my cruises from one particular agent as her pricing, advice, knowledge, and camaraderie have made me a loyal customer. For your cruising needs contact Susan Bernstein, President of Round the World Cruises, Inc - A Discount Cruise and Land Tour Company. You can reach Susan at (877)582-2122 and at her email of Mention this website when contacting Susan.

Cruise Ship Models: All the onboard gift shops usually feature a small "replica" of the ship you are sailing on. If you are interested in a more realistic model of your ship, visit Scherbak Ship Models for a wide variety of resin models that come with a display case and are just the right size(anywhere from 10 -15 inches). Visit their website: and tell them Aaron's Cruise Chatter sent you.

Boatswain's Beach: Located in Grand Cayman and the new site of the Turtle Farm. The Turtle Farm was ravaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and has since been upgraded and improved and now has an expansive new home. There is a huge breeding pond and beach for nesting turtles. You can still touch and hold the young turtles, which is fun for all ages. There are more pools of turtles than before and it does not end with just turtles. There is a huge lagoon to relax by in a chair or take a dip or snorkel, a predator's pool where you can watch the feeding of the sharks or you can be entertained from below the surface at a large viewing window, there is a walking trail, a small aviary, learing center with hatchery, turtle shop, and a new restaurant/bar(try the conch fritters). If you have been to the Grand Cayman Turtle Farm in the past (before 2004), I suggest another visit as it is a whole new, bigger, and better turtle world. See my CRUISE TIPS page for reservation tips at Boatswain's Beach.

Passion Island: Located off of Cozumel this little island is a great getaway from the crowds and even though there will be more than just yourself visiting this "secluded" beach, you will definately enjoy a relaxing day on this quiet little slice of tranquility.

Flamingo Gardens:  If you have a late flight leaving Fort Lauderdale, spend a few hours at Flamingo Gardens. It is about 15 minutes from the terminal and features a lush, tropical botanical garden with a variety of wildlife (mostly birds) that will entertain and pass the time. Flamingo Gardens lives up to its name with a friendly flock of bright, pink flamingos that will chatter and walk up to you stretching their long necks and putting on a performance. As a matter of fact, all the birds at Flamingo Gardens are not intimidated. Along with the flamingos, the walk-in "free-flight" aviary (there are birds flying around so watch where you walk and don't look up), and the birds of prey attraction are must sees. It is an easy walk around the park with good signage to help you find each section - the free map also helps. There is a tram ride that takes you on a tour of the one section of the park pointing out the local plants and providing a brief history of the area.You can arrange transportation to and from Flamingo Gardens through KSA Tours.

San Juan Trolley:  This is a favorite as well as a tip, so it is also on the tip page. The free trolly will take you around town to the different points of interest and shopping areas. You just hop on and off at your leisure and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.  Make sure you board the trolley marked El Morro.

Bushwacked with a view: St. Thomas. For a refreshing drink with a great view, take the gondola/tram to Paradise Point. You will be rewarded with a beautiful bird's eye view of Charlotte Amalie (and your ship) and the surrounding harbor. It is a great photo op. There will be pictures of this beautiful vantage point in my photo album. While enjoying your view, nurse their famous drink - Bushwacker. It is smooth and refreshing and you will not know you are drinking 6 kinds of alcohol until your second or third one. By the time you realize it, you will be bushwacked!!! Recipe is listed on the Happy Hour page - it is the second Bushwacker recipe listed. You can buy all ingredients (all 6 kinds of alcohol) at Paradise Point for $49.99. I should have done that as it cost me $100 to buy all of them at home.

Smoothie: St. Thomas. At the end of town, or beginning depending on which way you enter, there is an open air market of tents and tables with all your souvenir needs. In the middle of this little patchwork of stands is a smoothie stand. You can choose your fruit options to have blened.These are the BEST smoothies we have  discoverd at any of the islands. We always make a point to walk to town and get a smoothie when we are in St. Thomas.  Check this out the next time you are in St. Thomas.

Rum: Barbados/Mount Gay - Mount Gay Eclipse - Mount Gay Extra Old. Puerto Rico/Bacardi - Bacardi Gold - Bacardi Select - Bacardi 8. Grenada/Clarke's Court - Old Grog - White Ball. Belize/Travellers 1 Barrel 5 Barrel - Kuknat Coconut. Grand Cayman/Tortuga - Light, Vanilla(very mild), Gold(smokey flavor), Coconut(syrupy)

Coconut Jam: This is delicious on toast and even great eaten by the spoonful. It is made with cane sugar and is the perfect blend of coconut and sweetness. This was found on Back Street in St. Maarten. On my next trip to this island, I will not make the mistake of buying just one jar.  My suitcase will be full with this delight.

Rainforest Rum Cake: This rum cake is available in Belize. This is a must if you like rum cake. I only bought one on my last cruise and am kicking myself for not buying more. The cakes are freshly made and will last 6 months unopened (not in my house). They are so moist, you could squeeze the "liquid" out of them. These rum cakes are better than the ever popular Tortuga Rum Cakes. Their website is now availableand the rum cakes are TSA approved, so purchase several the next time you are in Belize, Cozumel, or in Mahogany Bay, Roatan.

Warm Chocolate Melting Cake: Found on Carnival cruise line this dessert is for chocolate lovers. Order it runny and when you poke your spoon through the top layer, the warm, dark, molten, liquid just runs off your spoon and down your chin. There is always room for this dessert.

Florida Aquarium: If embarking and debarking from Tampa, spend some time at the Florida Aquarium before your flight. It is located across the street from the cruise terminal. You can store your luggage at the terminal and enjoy your day at the Aquarium without lugging your heavy bags.  Don't miss feeding time for the sting rays. Also, there is a plaza two blocks away called Channelside that has restaurants and an open plaze where you can view your ship up close.

DePalm Island: When in Aruba, a visit to DePalm Island is a thrill for snorkelers. The blue parrotfish are the size of small dogs. Access to the water is easy as there is a huge sunning deck with wide steps leading into the sea. The water bubbles blue with all the parrotfish. Once you have enjoyed the thrill, the snorkeling beyond the shallow area is really great. Once finished, dry off on the large open deck and enjoy a drink and snack and warm (well, hot) sun.